Projects and Professional Services

The mission of business intelligence in any organization is to support business users in their endeavor to make decisions faster - with the knowledge that they are taking those decisions on the basis of trusted information. It is also imperative that the organizations are able to provide infrastructure and capability that brings the decision making process closer to the point of decision, required at the right time, right place and in the right format.

CIMPLD helps companies transform their traditional reporting solution into a decision making capability. We deliver and manage data warehousing, data modeling, business analytics dashboards and reporting applications that provide improved performance and tangible business benefits.

Service Offerings

BI Consulting Services - comprises BI assessment, tool evaluation and architecture design Services

Data Management Services - offer comprehensive solutions that ensure only accurate information is fed into the BI application

BI Implementation Services - deliver real business value with extensive technology deployment Services

BI Reporting and Dashboard - deliver relevant information to right people at the right time with fast, interactive and real time reporting analytics

Business Discovery and Predictive Analysis - help businesses to extract information from transactional data to study business patterns, predict risks and identify growth opportunities

Data Governance and Compliance - provide enterprises with enhanced visibility and access to reusable, central repository of analytical models

Data Modeling - manage and transform business data into business intelligence via data warehousing

BI Migration Services - provide legacy application migration Services, BI migration and version migration Services

BI Support and Maintenance Services - streamlining IT processes with 24X7 dedicated support and maintenance Services

Service Approach

Using CIMPLD framework for BI adoption, we help our customers evolve & implement a successful solution, which aligns to the various stages of an organization's BI needs. We design and implement scalable solutions that identify your business trends and patterns and strengthen decision-making with predictive approach.

We aim at improving collaboration between users and build synergies by sharing data and insights. With our next generation BI solutions, we help our customers in data driven decision making.

Business Value

Real time analytics with efficient dashboards and reporting tools

Faster and fact based decision making

Support collaboration between business users for intelligence sharing

Deliver relevant information to right people at right time

Quick deployment of solution

Lower costs of BI resources and tools

Ensure that IT operations are aligned to business strategy

Technologies / Tools:MICROSOFT BI,TABLEAU BI