Why Join Us

Technology, especially Digital Transformation Technology is what we are passionate about and, we are looking for people who can share this vision with us. There are many exciting reasons why you should join our team. Let�s give you some top reasons here:

  • We are a rapidly growing and nimble organisation with huge ambitions for growth & innovation in the digital transformation domain. So if you enjoy such challenges, join us in this journey
  • We have a global presence with clear objectives for further expansion. Join us. More the merrier!
  • You will get the space & opportunity to excel in your career
  • You will never be asked to do a job - only to focus on building a fulfilling career for yourself
  • Your contribution to team CIMPLD will be valued and rewarded amply
  • You will get to work with a global workforce
  • We are quite addictive - significant number of us have been with CIMPLD for over a decade
Why Join Us

Career Growth

  • If you fit the role, CIMPLD will set you up for success. All we look for in you is the right attitude, and a huge appetite to excel.
  • For those who have cross-functional skills & strengths, CIMPLD offers opportunities for lateral movements and diversity in roles and responsibilities.
  • We have a diverse workforce and we will make sure you feel accepted and encouraged.

Meet Our Team

Meet our core team of people holding various responsibilities and their contribution to CIMPLD.

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