The Cloud can accelerate business’s agility and responsiveness, and has revolutionized the way many companies conduct business today. However companies need a Cloud solution and partner that can enable business growth and improve agility without breaking the bank.

CIMPLD is a trusted business partner for companies seeking to migrate their business to the Cloud to tap into new streams of revenue, or seeking to optimize cost and technology performance of their existing Cloud solutions.

  • Architecture planning and design Services
  • Cloud migration planning and migration Services
  • Best of breed open core Cloud technologies including servers, storage, application monitoring, load balancing
  • Secure back-up, data security, rapid data recovery and restoration
  • Hands on administration (private Cloud)
  • Managed private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud Services with Citrix Cloudstack or Managed public Cloud with Amazon Web Services

Key Points:


With CIMPLD managed Services, companies can accelerate their Cloud strategy with confidence and quickly respond to changing marketplace demands


Keep your critical internal resources focused on growing the business, knowing that CIMPLD is efficiently managing your infrastructure


Spin up servers on demand. Quickly access storage as capacity rises.


CIMPLD can construct a highly secure private Cloud solution for your business, especially important in businesses with eCommerce capability

Cost control

Consolidate and reduce IT costs (hardware, software, resources)