DATA MANAGEMENT&Storage Management

Storage management is becoming increasingly important with the amount of sensitive business-critical information residing within your IT infrastructure.

CIMPLD can custom design a storage management solution for your organization, which is cost-effective, secure, and manageable, improving employee productivity, and increasing capacity. Our solutions include hardware, software and Services for storing, managing and accessing your data in a secure manner. CIMPLD offers a broad range of storage solutions, including basic solutions using your existing infrastructure, regulatory and compliance solutions, and tiered (prioritized) storage solutions.

Our storage management solutions ensure regulatory compliance and adhere to industry-based standards. Contact us for further information on this service

Network-attached Storage

Looking to increase data storage capabilities among a large number of servers? Network-attached storage (or NAS) is a solution that offers increased storage capacity while improving data availability and simplifying operations. Where data-attached storage (DAS) employs storage devices directly connected to a single computer or server, NAS solutions use file storage devices accessed through a network. This is highly beneficial solution, especially for a multi-server IT infrastructure, where the volume of data is significant. Since the the file storage devices are accessed through a network, this provides faster and more reliable access to data from anywhere across your organization. Additionally, NAS reduces total cost of ownership, while delivering enterprise-level performance, scalability and availability. Contact CIMPLD today for a consultation.

Storage Area Networking

CIMPLD is focused on improving the scalability of your storage capacity, while reducing costs. One of our primary solutions is a storage area network (or SAN). A SAN is especially ideal for backups, storage consolidation, disaster recovery, ongoing storage capacity, and new project or application deployments.CIMPLD offers a single-source Storage networking solution, including hardware, software, solution design, consulting and implementation/integration Services. With this type of solution implemented, you can expect significant improvements in reliability, scalability and performance of your network, all while reducing the cost of backup by augmenting or eliminating tape-based backup systems.

CIMPLD offers two SAN formats: (1) fibre channel; and (2) Internet-SCSI.

Learn more about how storage area networking can benefit your organization by contacting one of our professional sales staff today.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

One of your organization's most vital assets is its information. Reliable data backup and disaster recovery are musts among corporations today to ensure their business-critical data is secure, and can be recovered in the event of a disaster. MicroAge's backup and disaster recovery solutions are based on simple and proven technologies, ensuring lower operational costs and all-around reliability. Our solutions are designed to get your systems up and running as quickly as possible when disaster strikes, by prioritizing your business processes and recovering the most essential data first. CIMPLD comprehensive backup and disaster solutions include system planning, consulting, design and implementation, testing, and ongoing verification. Contact us for further information.