Transforming Open Source technology into business advantage is now a powerful catalyst for Global enterprises to stay ahead of the change and maximize profits on investment. By releasing the full potential of Open source technology,CIMPLD dedicated open source consulting Services help you align IT with your business environment with innovation and agility.


Getting well-fitted solution as per business practices

Reduce costs, while maintaining high customer satisfaction

Accelerate time-to-market for new initiatives, new products and Services

Easy to extend and quick & painless integration with distributed systems or other legacy systems

Meet industry standards and compliance requirements

Scalability, stability and security with improved performance

Open source training to help get the most from open source software while minimizing potential risks

CIMPLD consulting Services deliver integrated, end-to-end Open Source solutions and Services to help you get it right the first time and execute real business value of open source software into your business environment. Partnering with you, we collaboratively work to understand your business objectives and invent the most effective and profiting strategy to implement the solution that will convert your business vision into practice with cost benefits.

Our enterprise consulting practice boasts of one of the largest pool of certified professionals in LAMP stack across the globe, specializing in different domains and industry verticals. We ensure that our consultants are specifically matched as per your solution needs to guarantee you high quality and flexible business solutions.


Open Source Migration

Architecture & Design

Performance Optimization


Integrated, end-to-end solutions: We not only provide consultancy but also collaborate with you to put your business ideas into practice, ensuring your plans are swiftly implemented into your business. We have expert consultants and experienced engineers placed across the globe.

Partnerships: We work closely in partnership with the leading open source technology providers to enable you develop solution swiftly and ensure the end solution works seamlessly with your core business processes.

Project and Quality Management: Combining the best practices with our Project and Quality Management Process, our high caliber consultants and PMI certified managers have the competence to address your both local and global business requirements on time and in budget.

Proof-based practice: Our methodologies and solutions incorporate our best practices to help you achieve maximum value from your investment, while providing maximum agility to support your business goals.

Community Support: With excellent community support, we constantly keep updating our knowledge, technical expertise and industry best practices to deliver innovative solutions at affordable prices